WSIL Begins Reporting Health Inspections

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Thank you to WSIL for kicking off their new Restaurant Report Card series.  Each installment will focus  on a selection of local restaurants recent health inspections.  The public deserves to know the results of these inspections, but yet we are rarely informed beyond the obscure posting inside the restaurant.  Most inspections are posted in handwritten small print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch pieces of paper, which makes reading the details off the wall difficult.  Plus once you are inside a restaurant, how often do you think to look for the inspection sheet? Do you then go out of your way to find it, and stand there to thoroughly read it? Not likely.  Most sit-down restaurants have their inspection reports posted somewhere near their entry or kitchen, but are rarely ever noticed.

The fact remains that these health inspections are public record, but hearing about them on TV or online where they can be discussed in depth eliminates the need to squint for the small print.  These reports will help the public make informed decisions in advance of choosing where to eat or not to eat in the future.  Furthermore, knowing these reports are going to be spotlighted on-air might give some restaurant owners an additional incentive to score well on their inspections instead of just sliding by.

This installment of the series focuses on five Carbondale restaurants.  Most notably, Super Buffet near Dick’s and Best Buy has scored the lowest, so low in fact, that it has been shut down on two occasions during the past month.  Hearing about their violations made me thankful I have not eaten there in a very long time. The highest score in this report belongs to Global Gourmet who managed a perfect 100.  No violations  whatsoever were found during their last inspection.  Global Gourmet customers can remain confident they are eating at an establishment that goes above and beyond to maintain a safe and clean environment. Kudos to the GG staff and management!

Thanks again to WSIL for initiating this discussion and taking on this series. We are  already looking forward to the next installment.

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