Coffee and More at the Carterville Crossroads

Crossroads Coffee Company in Carterville

Crossroads Coffee Company in Carterville has been open for business for a few years now as a small cafe with a limited menu and pastry case.  Recently they have expanded their menu and hours, to become a bona fide lunch or dinner destination. They now offer a wider selection of soups, sandwiches, wraps and more, as well as yummy omelets made to order.

The decor is comfy and inviting, and each booth is equipped with a power strip for plugging in your devices and taking advantage of their free wifi.  They have a drive-thru for ordering in a hurry.

Crossroads has started hosting a monthly Open Mic Night, the first Friday of the month. Thanks to good turn outs so far, they may expand to two Fridays a month in the near future. The next open mic is March 2nd at 7:00pm, and already has a full roster of performers lined up.

Brunch at Crossroads

During this visit, I enjoyed a cooked to order omelet, while my date had a chicken wrap and a bowl of French Onion soup.  (The soup selections vary daily).  We were both happy with our meals and they came out quickly.  For dessert we dove into a delicious piece of Red Velvet Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and finished with black tea and coffee.

While their menu has expanded significantly since their opening, I would like to see more meatless options available. The only veggie options for sandwich toppings are tomatoes, mushrooms and lettuce. My recent veggie sandwich was a bit sad. I’m hoping that with spring and summer produce season they widen their selection and create a filling veggie wrap or possibly a cold veggie salad of some sort for an awesome summer croissant sandwich.

A disadvantage they face is their location at the west end of the Merchant Walk shopping center on Commercial Plaza. While whizzing by on Route 13, I’m sure many passers-by don’t even notice the Crossroads sign. Westbound traffic must crossover without a left turn light which may take some patience, and then again for crossing back over to return westbound.  Another alternative is using the stoplight at Division and taking the frontage road to the shopping center.

We are always happy to see a new business open to fill a need for dining options.  Since the closing of The Mix a few years ago, formerly located in Carterville’s downtown area, there has been a need for this particular kind of cafe to return to town.  Carterville, and its steadily growing population, generally needs more restaurants, retail and entertainment within its city limits.  Residents from the Carterville-Crainville-Cambria area often travel to Carbondale, Herrin or Marion to dine and shop. Finally Carterville is once again home to a place to find a warm cup of tea or coffee, a sweet pastry, a filling lunch and the occasional live entertainment.

Crossroads Coffee: THUMBS UP!!

Crossroads Coffee Company info-link page

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