Restaurant Reports Keep Customers Informed

Click to view the May 14, 2012 report at

The Restaurant Report Card series remains a popular feature on WSIL’s Monday broadcast.  In case you have been living under a rock, the series takes a look at recent health inspections of five different restaurants located throughout Southern Illinois every week.  The series began in January, and has shown a less than favorable spotlight on some popular eateries that you might not expect to have unfavorable inspections.

For example, two of the areas more high-end restaurants, Houlihan’s and Legends at Walker’s Bluff, both received low marks due to a high number of infractions. These scores were of course improved once corrections were made for follow up visits by the inspector.  Comparably, Tom’s Place, Mary’s Restaurant, and Global Gourmet all received the high marks you would expect from a high-end dining establishment.

The Annex in Herrin

The Annex in Herrin is one of the more recent high scoring restaurants to make the list.  17th Street BBQ in Murphysboro, Polar Whip in Herrin, and Panera in Carbondale were also high scoring.

This series has brought the cleanliness of local restaurants into our daily dialogue. I now often hear people referencing the news report, or an inspection score when discussing where to eat, or where they won’t be going anytime soon. This knowledge holds local business owners accountable, and helps to insure that standards are kept where they should be.  Because we feel these inspections are important to keep in mind, we will add a link to the WSIL report on each restaurant’s info page if it is featured.

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