Wild Cub – You want them in your living room.

Comprised of a singer/songwriter/film composer Keegan DeWitt and Nashville music mainstay Jeremy Bullock, Wild Cub emerged onto the scene in the Summer of 2012 by winning the Nashville Scene sponsored competition Road to Bonnaroo.  They earned a spot in the massive Tennessee music festival, and haven’t stopped since.

Youth – their self released debut, takes you through a range of emotions from beginning to end, but is ultimately a feel good, danceable electro-pop experience.  It’s been called a modern John Hughes soundtrack and New Order for the new millennium. It’s nostalgic without being melancholy, happy without being cheesy. I can’t stop listening to it. It’s been the perfect remedy for the seemingly never-ending winter.

For now, their touring schedule is limited to SXSW next week, where they are certain to continue their momentum. Luckily, they are based right down the road in Nashville, so here’s hoping they find time to make a stop in Carbondale, a not-so-big venue in St. Louis, or back at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville.  This summer will be the perfect time to catch these guys on their way up.

Listen to “Thunder Clatter”, and I promise you’ll be in a better mood…watch the video and you will want these people in your living room.

Wild Cub2

WATCH Wild Cub – “Thunder Clatter”

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