Underwhelmed at Mackie’s Pizza

Bridge Friends Pizza at Mackie's

Bridge Friends Pizza at Mackie’s

I visited Mackie’s Pizza in Marion on a rainy Wednesday evening around 6:15pm, and it didn’t seem to be very busy. The expansive dining room feels quiet when it isn’t full of people.  But there were several occupied tables, and I could tell from my proximity to the kitchen that the phones were ringing for what I can assume is a busy night for carry out or deliveries.

We were approached by our server pretty quickly after sitting down for menus and drink orders. Our drinks were delivered within another minute or two, and we asked for a few more minutes to decide on our order. Over ten minutes later we were finally a asked for our order. Over 30 minutes from the time we sat down, our pizza was finally placed in the table.

We ordered one of the “Specialty” pizzas, the “Bridge Friends Favorites”. This pizza comes with a white garlic sauce, artichokes, kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella cheese and blue cheese crumbles.

The toppings combine for a great flavor, but I’m missing the white garlic sauce. Where is it? I’ve had “white” pizzas before at many other establishments, and there’s no missing it. This pizza felt sauce-less. Just crust, cheese and toppings where all I really had to work with. The menu listed a white garlic sauce on the description, so I knew not to expect a traditional red sauce pizza. But the dryness from the lack of sauce on the crust and the chewiness of the cheese on top left me longing for a cup of marinara for dipping. In fact, had I not already wound up short on time waiting for the pizza, I might have asked for one.

I’ve had other meals at Mackie’s before, and I typically enjoy their thin crust style pizzas. Their dining room is comfortable, with TV’s throughout and even a fireplace.They have plenty of space for group gatherings, and a game room for the kids. I really want to support Mackie’s as a locally owned business.  Unfortunately, this visit just left me underwhelmed. I’ll be back again sometime soon, and I’ll be going back to what I hope is a redemptive and “saucy” red sauce pizza.

This Mackie's Experience - "Just Meh"

This Mackie’s Experience – “Just Meh”

Mackie’s Pizza Menu

Mackie’s Pizza Info-Link Page

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