**Official Sounding Disclaimer**

This site is not affiliated with any city government, the State of Illinois or anything or anyone else holding any official title or office.  This site is not affiliated with any organizations using the number 13 or the numbers one or three in any order.  This site is not affiliated with any entity using the word corridor in their title, or any entity that builds or promotes corridors.

The views, opinions, ideas and thoughts expressed on this website are just that; they not necessarily facts or positions held by any other party, company, village, township, city, state, county, mayor, council member, alderman, water board member, etc.


Q: What’s with the dollar signs?
A: The dollar $ listing is a widely used tool to provide basic price averages per entree or per person. This is an estimate of what you might expect to pay for a basic meal per person. This does not typically include appetizers, cocktails or desserts of course.

$: $10 or less per person
$$: $11-$29 per person
$$$: $30 or higher per person

Q: Why don’t I see fast food restaurants included in your listing?
A: We thought about including fast food restaurants, but decided against it.  The reason being, we all pretty much know what to expect in these places. They are also pretty easy to find in most towns.  We basically eliminated listing any venue that fits into any combination of these descriptions:

  • Drive-thru window
  • Major well known chain
  • No table service
  • Typically more than one location in larger towns

Q: My favorite restaurant/ bar/ local attraction isn’t listed…why not?!
A:  Because we need your help! We’ve done our best to be as thorough as possible, but in the interest of getting our site launched in a timely manner, we’ve admittedly missed a few places.  We are counting on our readers (hopefully we will have some of those soon) to contribute.  Please use our Contact Us page to keep us posted on local events and to let us know about your favorite places.

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