Did I forget to mention, forget to mention Memphis?

I once read that there are more songs mentioning Memphis than any other city in the world. Perhaps this is because Memphis isn’t only a blues town, or a jazz town, or a rock n’ roll town, it’s a music town.  Graceland, Sun Studios, Mud Island and Handy Park are just a few stops you could make while visiting.  Graceland not for you? Then stroll by the Elvis statue on Beale Street as you enjoy a curbside beverage and eclectic people watching.

It goes both ways:

Did you know you could take the Amtrak from Carbondale to Memphis?
Amtrak City of New Orleans
The historic “City of New Orleans” can take you all the way to New Orleans if you are up for the trip. For me, the near five hour ride from Carbondale to Memphis was long enough to be on a train. Watching the sunrise as the Mississippi River and Pyramid Arena come into view is well worth the trip by rail. Or if you prefer to drive yourself, the road trip from Southern Illinois clocks in at just under four hours.

Memphis Flyer
Memphis’ Alternative Weekly Newspaper

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