St. Louis

City Museum Rooftop

Meet me in St. Louis…

Distance is relative. Is traveling 90 minutes to reach the metropolitan St. Louis area really that far? Folks in Chicago sometimes spend that long to commute across the city for work, or to visit friends or family in other parts of the city or in the suburbs. When I lived in a certain southern city, I often heard stories of one to two hour commutes to work DAILY. ONE-WAY. It’s something city dwellers have to take in stride. It’s often worth it to live in a more affordable neighborhood, or to work in an area with more competitive wages.

The truth is, St. Louis is the closest city we have, and it has a lot of wonderful things to offer us Southern Illinoisans. I’m often amazed to hear people say they think it’s just too expensive or too long of drive.

The Moonrise Hotel on Delmar

In less than two hours you can find yourself in the midst of one of St. Louis’ many diverse neighborhoods, loaded with historical architecture. Need a change from the restaurants in Southern Illinois? You can find anything from just about any region of the world you can think of. Need to keep the kids occupied for an afternoon, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Take them to City Museum or the Science Center. Both have low admission fees and reasonably priced food courts. Both places are actually lots of fun for adults too.

Tired of the nightlife in Carbondale or Marion? Hit Laclede’s Landing, Soulard, South Grand or the Loop. Each area has plenty of clubs, pubs, bars and dining all within walking distance or a short (cheap) cab ride from reasonably priced hotels. Of course some areas are more reasonably priced than others, so check out prices in different areas to help guide your trip planning.

Yummy FroYo!

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