715 North Giant City Road, Suite 11
Carbondale, IL  62901

Carbondale Fujiyama Facebook

(618) 549-2000

Mon – Thur: 4p-10p
Fri: 4p-11p
Sat: 2p-11p
Sun: 1p-9p

Price: $$-$$$
Seating: Two rooms for seating, one for sitting around hibachi grills, a smaller front dining area at tables near the bar
Good to know:  If you choose to dine at hibachi you will not be seated until your entire party arrives.
The hibachi tables are fun for a large group or special occasion, but if you desire a more intimate evening, stick with the front dining room.
If you prefer not to smell like grilled steak and onions for the rest of the evening, or if you are not a fan of having grilled meats thrown in your general direction you may also prefer the front dining room.
Vegetarian “sushi” rolls are available, but be sure to ask about eel sauce.

There is now also a Marion Fujiyama location

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