The city of Herrin recognizes its Italian heritage every year with the annual Herrinfesta Italiana. Held during Memorial weekend, Herrinfesta typically hosts several up and coming, or old favorite musical acts, a parade, a pageant and many of the other typical fair activities.

Just recently, the city of Herrin has launched a new campaign to bring together many of their businesses in recognition of Herrin’s Italian roots.  In a nod to the well known St. Louis neighborhood of the same name, The Hill in Herrin campaign serves to remind Southern Illinoisans that we have our own nearby community of Italian restaurants and markets.  The new website lists restaurants, bars and businesses as well as upcoming events and activities.

Since many of the establishments in Herrin do not have any other web presence to speak of, we kindly refer you to their site for additional information for places to eat and drink in their fair city. However, we do list a few links below for those that do have a website or Facebook page.

The Annex
220 North Park Avenue

Mary’s Restaurant
509 South Park Avenue

Sergio’s Mexican Restaurant
1400 South 16th Street

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